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Are you looking to become part of a championing and cheerleading community of fellow fabulous wedding vendors to support you on your business building ventures?

Are you looking to position your wedding business as a specialist within the boho weddings arena?

Are you looking for more exposure to your boho inspired, eco-conscious target wedding audience?

Did you say hell YES?! - Then read on and find out how our membership can help you!

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What is The Supplier Circle & Directory Membership?

The Boho Bride Guide is a one of a kind, hybrid Wedding Blog, Directory & Wedding Supplier Community, specialising in fully supporting small business owners to grow their ventures within the boho inspired wedding industry.

When you consider the fact that ‘word of mouth’ recommendations are even more effective than paid-ads, resulting in 5 times more sales, we place a high value on becoming part of an industry specific community for your business.

Our the Supplier Circle & Directory Membership enables you to take advantage of ‘the power of community’, and all it can bring when growing your business. Enabling you to grow your network of diverse wedding suppliers, to nurture working relationships and refer each other for future wedding work.

When you join our Membership, you also benefit from featuring on The Boho Bride Guide Directory, as well as having the opportunity to take part in our approved supplier visibility activities and social media shout outs about your business to our online audience.

We are here for you. Each week there are activities for you to get involved in, to share your wins, as well as seek support through tough times and overcoming challenges along the way.

We don’t think there is any other wedding industry community out there that supports our wedding suppliers in the way we do!

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How Do We Help Our Approved Suppliers?

The Supplier Circle & Directory Membership Benefits - In Detail...

1. Join our Cheerleading Community
When you join our membership, one of the biggest benefits you will receive is to become part of our championing and cheerleading community of fellow boho inspired wedding suppliers.

As many of us often work alone, it is so important we are able to connect regularly with other wedding business owners to share experience, and support one another on our journey. We meet each month for our online Referral Circle Meet-up, where we are able to connect and refer each other for wedding work. As well as our ‘Lunch Club’ meet ups in the week, to check in and say hi. You won't ever feel alone in this wedding business game again!!

2. Get Involved in our Approved Supplier Visibility Activities
We want to help you build that all important ‘know like and trust factor’ amongst wedding planning couples out there, as well as improve your Google rankings via backlinks from The Boho Bride Guide website.

As an approved supplier on The Supplier Circle & Directory Membership, you will benefit from a bimonthly social media shout out from us, all with an aim of showcasing you as one of our fabulous approved suppliers out to our audiences.

You also have the opportunity to get involved in the following visibility activities to increase your online presence.

As an approved supplier on The Guide Directory Subscription, you will also have the opportunity to get involved in the following visibility activities to increase your online presence.

‘Ask the Expert’ LIVE on Social Media

Your LIVE with Jen - Founder of The Boho Bride Guide will aim to address pain points your wedding clients experience from within your specific niche. The top tips and advice you share will help them overcome those challenges and reignite their excitement for their special ‘I Do Day’.

Top Tips Social Media Carousel

We aim for 5-7 pieces of valuable information from yourself, and we will then create a visual and impactful graphic/ image carousel with your information, and accompanying caption. This will then be used to showcase you and your fabulous business across our social media platforms, which link back to your profile on The Boho Bride Guide Directory.

Wedding Expert Guest Blog Features

As wedding suppliers, your online search engine presence is SUPER important when looking to generate regular enquiries from dream wedding clients.

Strengthening your Google presence by generating backlinks from other established websites over time, will significantly improve your website visibility amongst wedding planning couples searching the Web.

A great way to do this is to share your expertise via blog features on other websites, by writing quality content in your area of wedding expertise. And we would LOVE to feature you as our approved supplier on the Boho bride Guide Blog!

Submit your Editorial Shoot or Real Wedding

We are always looking to bring new and love filled, boho inspired wedding days to our readership and social media audience. Who are looking for inspiration to take and incorporate into their own wedding day celebration. So we love to showcase our approved suppliers' work that aligns with our boho inspired style, eco-conscious ethos, and passion for increasing representation across the online wedding industry landscape.

Tag us to engage with your content

Proud of a particular post you have shared on Instagram? Then we would love to celebrate that win with you and engage with your post! Tag us so we can get involved!

3. Your Directory Profile
Your wedding business will sit amongst our super stylish & exclusive online The Boho Bride Guide Directory - 'Where Bohemian Souls Find Their Dream Wedding Team'.

Your wedding business will benefit from:

  • exclusive access to our approved supplier online portal, where you can manage and update your own wedding business profile in real time.
  • upload up to 7 images or up to 2 videos & 5 Images to showcase your work, as well as the opportunity for a comprehensive write up of up to 500 words.
  • direct social media & website links from your profile, as well as the ability to showcase wedding couple testimonials.

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Our Payment Options

Monthly Subscription


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  • Minimum subscription of 3 months
  • Payment via Direct Debit

Yearly Subscription


Select Plan
  • Single payment in full
  • 10% Discount of your Yearly Subscription

Membership Benefits Round up...

- Join our championing and cheerleading Community of wedding suppliers to share your journey with, and ask for help along the way!
- Get involved in our monthly online Referral Circle Meet-ups to connect and gain wedding work referrals from one another.
- Drop-in to our weekly ‘Lunch Club’ online catch ups with our community and say hi!
- Become an approved supplier and feature your wedding business on The Boho Bride Guide Directory Website (gain backlinks and Google visibility).
- Benefit from bi-monthly social media business shout outs to our audiences.
- Take part in our online Visibility Activities to increase your reach and position yourself as an expert within your field.

Can’t wait to welcome you!!

Apply To Join Us Now Please note, we have a limited number of suppliers per admission opening, therefore it will be on a first come first serve basis.

What we are looking for

1. Environmentally Sustainable Work Practises

We look to represent suppliers who demonstrate environmentally friendly and sustainable work practises. We want to see small businesses who are always looking to improve their impact on our planet through aspects such as; traceable supply chains, waste management, choosing sustainable materials and work practises, and reducing their energy consumption and carbon footprint.

2. Over Deliver

We love to see evidence of how our suppliers are exceeding their wedding clients expectations through the service and products they deliver.

3. Advocate Representation

Our mission is to create a UK Boho Wedding Scene that is truly inclusive and accurately represents the beautiful diversity of humanity across the UK. We love to work with suppliers that champion this approach, and in turn, empower the couples they work with, to love who they are, what they stand for and feel a sense of belonging towards the Boho-Inspired Wedding scene.

4.Highly Regarded

We love to feature wedding suppliers that are highly regarded amongst both their fellow suppliers, as well as their previous happy wedding clients.

What Our Suppliers Say

Romi Hanigerova from Makeup By Romi, South West UK

1. What were your reasons for wanting to join as an approved supplier?
To expand the circle of wedding suppliers that know of me and my makeup artistry business. I also wanted to reach a new client base and increase my credibility by becoming an approved supplier on The Boho bride Guide Directory.

2. How did you feel in your business before you joined our Supplier Circle & Directory Membership?
I felt all over the place, and no idea what I was doing if I am honest. Spending a lot of my time on my own, resulted in me feeling quite isolated and overwhelmed. I realised that by not having a community to bounce my ideas off of, and no one to ask for help or advice had taken its toll on me, and it was time to put myself out there and look for support.

3. How do you feel now after being with us for 5 months?
I still feel all over the place but at least now I know I’m not alone!!! No, just kidding. I feel… anchored. Focused. Inspired. The community surrounding TBBG is incredible, I have never seen more supportive bunch of people before. It’s like your very own cheerleading squad. Everyone wants you to succeed.

4. What has been the biggest benefit for you as a business owner since joining the Supplier Circle and Directory Membership?
I no longer feel like a girl with a brush. My imposter syndrome has disappeared and my confidence in myself and my business has grown massively.

Jacki Clement from Wild Blessing Ceremonies Cornwall

‘Becoming an approved supplier has given me the opportunity to attend the monthly Boho Supplier Referral Circle Online Meet-Up with other suppliers that also serve the boho-inspired wedding community.
It has enabled me to connect with other like minded wedding business owners, start to grow new relationships and find ways we can support one another and work together in our ventures to grow our businesses. I quickly saw that I was not alone and there were others feeling similar to me so we can be a wonderful support for each other.’

Bryony Marriott from Bobbi Wren Events Prop Hire & Event Styling

‘Jen, thank you so much for all your hard work running the Supplier Circle and Directory Membership Community.
It is lovely to be part of such a welcoming and supportive group, and you cheerlead us all on so well too, it’s amazing!

One of my many couple enquiries via The Boho Bride Guide Directory has lead to an order last weekend so your efforts are very much appreciated!’

Sally Jackson from My Wedding GodMother

‘I'm a new wedding business owner, and before joining the Supplier Circle & Directory Membership, I knew very few people in the wedding industry.
I loved having the opportunity to be interviewed by Jen about my business, which both built my confidence and increased my visibility amongst couples planning their boho-inspired wedding.

In the 3 months since joining I have met lots of people involved in the wedding industry and have been given some valuable connections.
One of which is with a photographer who is going to include me in a styled shoot, and have also been added to someone's recommended supplier list.’